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Motorsport has been a part of automotive culture almost as long as the car was invented; it is partly entertainment, partly sport and partly technological showcase. Thus, every single race becomes a challenging terrain also for engineers, mechanical designers and manufacturing companies of the motor industry. We at Pentacar know this well and, for this reason, we offer a series of valid services for the motorsport sector in Lecco, always focusing on quality and efficiency.

Among the various services offered there are:

On the parallel line of the restorations, the competitions have distinguished us in the specialty of historic rallies at an international level with various laurels both in the Fia Historic Rally Championship and in the Ciras.
There are several names that have accompanied us on our growth path that since 1999 has made us explore the best competitions in the intercontinental rally scene.
We are able to offer a complete package for any type of competition on any type of background, setting up the car according to the original homologation form, managing to replicate and improve each specific spare part using current materials.

The cars prepared by us are followed step by step within our structure, following the main points for the preparation and the set-up requested.
• search for the specific body for the chosen period
• washing the body at high pressure
• assembly of the safety cell with body on a template bench
• body reinforcements at crucial points
• painting
• assembly with special material and bolts
• revision of gearbox reinforcement
• construction and lightening of the engine parts
• engine test on test bench and power test
• drafting of the new electrical, petrol and oil systems using pipes in
"ereoquipe "braid
• construction and assembly of a specific structure
• convergence and weight balance of the car

Our passion and determination pushes us before each event to a test day on a road closed to traffic in a special test regime flanked by our mechanics and our shock absorber technicians we are able to perfectly sew the car to the driver, customizing it and adapting it to every driving style, satisfying every need.
Our company organizes any transport and management of the same in the race field for each car, under the supervision of a sports director. Our assistance vehicles are set up in the workshop with various spare parts prepared for each intervention, our qualified mechanics ready to solve any problem are part of our team, this means that the driver only has to drive and have fun in a carefree way.

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