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As for the Porsche restoration in Lecco, our workshop offers various turnkey packages. In recent decades, various classic Porsche models, from the 356 - 911 first series - 911 years 70 and 80 - 930 - 964, have been restored in our company: of these, we have various pieces of sheet metal, different pieces of engines, various pieces of changes and interiors to complete the car if it is not complete.
Furthermore, for the car chassis we have the original control templates to replace metal sheets or to repair damaged cars. Your car will return to its original state.


Let's look in detail at the various stages of the restoration:


For the evaluation, first of all the certificate of origin is requested from the parent company to check the engine, gearbox, chassis numbers (matching numbers) and its options. For a more accurate assessment we can advise you on the work to be carried out once the car has been viewed and, later, disassembled if it needs a complete restoration.


Each component of the car is disassembled: a  to evaluate the restoration or replacement of parts. The frame will remain "naked", the engine / gearbox will be disassembled.



This is the initial restoration procedure where the body and the body will be stripped at high pressure with water. At this stage we will be able to have a clearer idea of the final cost of the restoration.


TINWORK : The car will be placed on our template bench where the check points will be checked that they conform to the original. The rotten or damaged parts will be replaced with original sheet metal or rebuilt by us.

ENGINE : having returned the following materials, shaft, crankcase and connecting rods from our trusted rectification, we will assemble the engine with new or regenerated components depending on what is needed. At the end of this assembly cycle, the engine will be placed in the room with the "test bench" for running in and checking for perfect functioning (tuning).

GEARBOX : the box and its gears will be checked by our trusted rectification. After this procedure, synchronizers, bearings, sleeves and everything needed for optimal operation will be replaced.


PREPARATION : after applying an "anti-flowering" primer to preserve the metal from atmospheric agents, the bodywork is carefully sanded and modeled to make the surfaces homogeneous with each other. After this process we proceed with the painting.

PAINTING : we have a state-of-the-art oven capable of drying the paint at 60 ° in just over half an hour. The “body” soundproofing of the bottoms (wheel arches and parts underneath the bodywork) will be applied before or after the complete painting of the car, depending on the year of production.

POLISHING : Each car, after the paint has dried, is polished with various cutting-edge processes for the shine and maintenance of the paint.

5) INTERIORS (upholstery)

We rely on our trusted upholsterer where, with the certificate of origin requested at the beginning of our restoration, we will be able to bring the interiors back to the original model, both in terms of colors and materials.

964 3.3.jpg


This is the most accurate phase ever: it starts with the assembly of the electrical system, suspensions, hoods, doors, profiles, lights, interiors, gaskets and, finally, the engine and gearbox. Each car before the road test is balanced on four scales to balance the weight. After this process we carry out the convergence of each single axle and then move on to the road test, reliving with emotion the work carried out with passion by our company.

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